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Episode 54. Breast Milk Jewelry: Creating a Keepsake to Honor Your Journey


Want to WEAR your breast milk in a beautiful way?

Alyssa Jenkins is the creator and founder of “The Simple Olive”, an online shop specializing in breast milk jewelry! Today we talk about what brought her to start her super successful small biz, what other types of jewelry she makes (think umbilical cord, placenta, ashes, flowers), and she offers tips for other mamas wanting to follow their entrepreneurial heart.

About Alyssa

I am a mama of a super independent 2 year old girl named Olie and wife to a stay home daddy by day and blacksmith after bedtime!

It has always been my dream to help mamas, I just was unsure how to go about it. After my 16 month breastfeeding journey it came to me. BREASTMILK JEWELRY! Since then I have started a successful breastmilk jewelry company! The Simple Olive. I also make ashes/grave dirt jewelry for mamas that have lost their sweet babies.


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