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Episode 50. 32 Weeks Pregnant at Age 41 + Why Matrescence Matters


Celebrating 1 year of Episodes!

As a busy working mama (of almost 2), I am humbled and grateful to have the capacity, time, space and support to do what I love - which is being in service.

Fertile at 40 Podcast has been an evolution over the last 49 episodes; what was once simply a space to share the wisdom of healers and the tools I have learned from over the years as I healed from an eating disorder, addiction, sexual trauma and more; has become a space to get raw and real about fertility, pregnancy loss, and what peaceful parenting is truly all about.

All with a plant medicine inspired spin.

This platform is such a gift for myself - a space for me to share what I want, how I want to; but also it has become a safe place for others to speak their truths, heal through vulnerable sharing, and feel the support of others on this same path into and through Matrescence.

Today I riff a bit on some things that are potent for me right now; including:

  • My 32 weeks at age 41 pregnancy update

  • What "The New Mama Codes" are about

  • And how I am ready to support you more through my special community launching in June!

Links from today's show:


This group is here to provide support, insight, and community for those seeking to conceive, expecting, and in the postpartum ritual of BEcoming mother.

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