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Episode 49. Birth Story: Empowered Hospital Birth with First Time Mama Michelle


Today on the show I have another real life birth story this time with 30 year old Canadian mama, Michelle Woke. At the time of this recording her first child Hadley was 5 1/2 months old and you’ll probably hear her making her adorable baby sounds during the recording.

Michelle lives in a rural area in northern Canada and birthed in hospital in a nearby city. She shares about the research and preparation she did prior to going into labor and how that really helped her stand firm in her intentions for an intervention free natural birth. Michelle was able to experience the empowered and magical birth that she wanted IN hospital, and attributes a lot of her ability to do that thanks to her Doula and she herself being prepared and educated.

What I really loved about Michelle’s story was her experience in what we refer to in the holistic stages of labor as “the return“; a peaceful period immediately postpartum that the mother spends time stabilizing and allowing herself to return from the birth portal. Michelle’s story is a beautiful one; as is her energy and I hope you all enjoy!

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