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Episode 40. Is Breast Always Best? Lactation Lessons from an Expert


Alex Wachelka is a Lactation Specialist and founder of Motherhood Blooms Lactation™, where she educates and empowers new moms and soon to be parents in a safe environment, using an evidence-based approach.

Today on the show we talk about what Alex thinks about the saying “breast is best“ as well as how new parents can set themselves up for breast-feeding success!

We also touch on how older women (like myself, haha!) can support themselves in the breast-feeding journey, and what foods can help with supply.

More from Alex:

I had a very challenging start to my breastfeeding journey. I postponed getting help because I thought what I was going through was just part of the process. After two weeks I finally sought out some help and while I didn’t feel supported by that person, they ultimately helped to find the root cause of our challenges. I was able to go on to exclusively breastfeed for 17 months. It was my experience with the support person that led me to learn more about breastfeeding and lactation and had me excited about going to school to train in lactation at 4 months postpartum. I founded Motherhood Blooms Lactation™ because I am passionate about helping others feel validated and heard during their infant feeding experience.

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