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Episode 39. Home Birth for a First Time Mama at Age 40


Kristina Bruce is a first time mother in Toronto Canada who recently gave birth to her first child at age 40 (so Fertile at 40 of her!).⁠

Today on the podcast we talk about not only what conception was like for her (spoiler - it was easy!), but we also discuss what pregnancy was like as well as how her envisioned home birth played out nearly exactly as planned.⁠

At the time of recording Kristina was 5 months postpartum with her daughter and we also talk about the emotional struggles that go with recovering from the birth experience as well as why some ideas about fertility pregnancy and birth after 40 need to be let go of.⁠

About Kristina:

Kristina is a first time mom at 40 living in Toronto, Canada with her husband and baby girl. Her educational background and work is in the area of health and wellness - specifically helping clients to recover from dieting and disordered eating, and develop a positive relationship with their body. She is trained as a yoga teacher, and is committed to the practices of meditation and self-inquiry that she uses both with her clients, and personally to help navigate the waters of life.


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