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Episode 36. "Birth Magic" with Lori Hayes


Lori Hayes is a friend, seeker, light worker and Full Spectrum Certified DONA Birth Doula, located in Los Angeles California. A mother of three very adult men, Lori grew up in farm country where she not only witnessed many live animal births but also naturally fell into the role of birth attendee and support for many people she knew in her community. Over 20 years she attended 12 births and six years ago at age 50, she decided to become certified and now offers birth support in home, hospital, and birth centers.

Today Lori and I weave in insight and wisdom from our experience with plant medicine as it pertains to the portal of child birth. We talk about :

  • the role of a Doula

  • birth “magic“

  • the importance of creating a sacred birth environment,

  • and the possibility for deep transformation and trauma healing through child birth.

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