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Episode 34. What is a Doula & How Their Role Has Changed Since 2020 with Katherine Rinehart


What is a doula?

Many still don't know exactly what the role of a doula is, and today on the show I speak with full spectrum doula Katherine Coughlin-Rinehart about how having one can support not only you as a birthing person, but also your partner! We discuss the importance of advocacy, the difference between doula and midwife, and how many birth doulas have pivoted their practice in this post-pandemic world.

If you are TTC, pregnant, or just curious about the choices available when it comes to birth support, you won't want to miss this episode!

About Katherine:

Katherine is a certified full spectrum doula and yoga teacher based in Ottawa, Ontario. Katherine’s journey began with the birth of her nephew; standing by her sister’s side as she birthed her first baby, she couldn't help but become fascinated with the process of birth and how much strength and courage it takes to carry and birth a baby. Soon after, she started the process of becoming a trained birth doula, beginning her work as a volunteer doula working with families from marginalized communities. Wanting to learn more about how disparities in these communities affect birthing outcomes, she enrolled in the full spectrum doula certification with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings. She is a passionate advocate for reproductive justice and incorporates this into her doula practice.

Recently, Katherine carried and birthed her own baby during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not having access to her own support systems gave her an even deeper appreciation for doula work, and reiterated the importance that advocacy plays in the delivery room. Katherine works with birthing people and their families to ensure that they have all the information necessary to make informed decisions and to ensure that their voices are heard throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postpartum period.

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