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Episode 33. Kat's "Rapid Birth" and Postpartum Healing Story


This week on the show I’m kicking off my "real life birth stories" series, and I’m so excited!

Today I talk to my friend Kat Zapanta who I’ve known for a number of years and also lives and gave birth here in Costa Rica. Kat and I were pregnant at the same time and she had her daughter in December 2019 at age 36.

Today she shares about her conception journey, loss, and what pregnancy was like for her while also dealing with the pain of her own mother's passing. Kat tells us about her super rapid birth; going from 0 to 10cm dilation in less than two hours and what this meant for her postpartum recovery and what she's had to look at as she continues to heal from grief and PTSD.

WARNING: The content of this conversation is real and raw and can be triggering form some listeners.

Connect with Kat here.

Check out her jewellery biz, @Kasia_y_sol

See Kat's hubby Romeo's furniture here.

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