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Podcast Ep. #23- Biz Buzz Series: What is Personal Branding?

First, let me apologize for the shitty audio quality of this episode.

Today I kick off a new series here on the pod! Welcome to "Biz Buzz"!

I know many of my listeners are entrepreneurs or desire to move into this soulpreneurial space. So I am going to be offering up my experience as a small biz owner and also have some rad interviews with industry professionals coming at you soon! We are going to be covering everything from personal branding and instagram hacks, to building up your online presence and shifting money mindset and more! I am also going to be sharing more about my epic online community AND the product that I have chosen to partner with in order to call in my financial freedom and lifetime legacy income! (you will NOT want to miss this!)

Ok, so as you likely know (if you follow me at all on social media), I do a million things. I am a mom, fiancee, employee, teacher, yogi, podcaster, wellness coach, human design nerd, wealth and leadership mentor, and... personal branding expert!

Yep, I am claiming this title after 19 years experience working in the media and marketing world and transitioning myself from behind-the-scenes nobody director, to on-camera celeb chef and wellness expert.

Today I share a bit out this journey and offer 3 ways in which personal branding can help YOU create a life of freedom and impact.

I also announced my upcoming FREE Personal Branding Masterclass taking place October 29th, 2021 at 1:00pm EDT (1:00am Costa Rica time)! You can learn more and register for that here.


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