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Podcast Ep. #19: From Fitness Guru to Mother with a Mission with Sammie Sham

Welcome to the "Hot Mess Express"!

When I asked Sammie to share her story, this is how she begins. And this is one of the many reasons why I adore her.

From Top 50 Entrepreneur and Canadian Fitness Guru to struggling with postpartum depression and body acceptance, the last decade has truly challenged Sammie to look at all aspects of her life and examine what pathways truly bring value and expand her soul. Rather than resist inevitable change she's found new ways to embrace her evolution and follow her bliss to share her passions and help other women find their confidence and joy within themselves.

We talk about the loss of control many women are challenged by in motherhood and how self acceptance is key in coming back to our feeling of groundedness.

This is a convo every woman needs to hear.

Sammie's mission: Inspiring busy moms to embrace their evolution, love the skin they're in and follow their bliss.

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