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Podcast Ep. #16: The Ripple Effect of Conscious Parenting with Kiva Schuler

The work that Kiva and her team at The Jai Institute of Parenting are doing has the power to change the WORLD.

Collecting the tools and learning the ways to be a truly present and conscious parent allows for so much healing; both in individuals homes and generationally.

Kiva's mission is to train 1000 new parenting coaches over 3 years, creating ripple upon ripple of healing.

In today's episode we talk about this and so much more!

The Jai Institute of Parenting's science-based methodology has 3 fundamental building blocks addressed in their coach certification program:

  1. Understanding childhood development

  2. How we can become emotional intelligence mentors for our children

  3. Utilizing non-violent c& conscious communication

Kiva Schuler- Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Kiva’s passion for parenting stemmed from her own childhood experiences of neglect and trauma. Like many of her generation, she had a front row seat to witnessing what she did not want for her own children. And in many ways, Jai is the fulfillment of a promise that she made to herself when she was 16 years old… that when she had children of her own, she would learn to parent them with compassion, consistency and communication. Kiva is a serial entrepreneur, and has been the marketer behind many transformational brands. Passionate about bringing authenticity and integrity to marketing and sales, she’s a sought after mentor, speaker and coach.

Learn more about the Jai Institute for Parenting Coach Certification coach HERE.

Stay inspired and connected with Jai on Instagram.


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