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Podcast Ep. #14: Life's Many Medicine Journeys

Whether you have worked with sacred plant medicine or not, it is helpful to understand that the universe is constantly serving us all up experiences that serve our higher good and spiritual growth.

Paola had this epiphany and equates it to the idea of moving through life's mini medicine journeys; and the trigger/situation/ person is the medicine. On today's show we talk about this in depth as well as some important spiritual principles to remember and how we can use prayer as a spiritual mind treatment!

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Paola Castro

Inspirational Speaker | Author | Life Coach | Heart-Math Facilitator

We all crave a life of peace and fulfillment, but many of us struggle to find the right path. Paola Castro has spent the last decade guiding and empowering thousands of people to rediscover bliss by recovering their own innate sense of worthiness. Through her coaching, speaking, and writing, she is helping to build a world filled with clarity, simplicity, and love - one individual at a time.

Paola knows all too well the feeling of unworthiness, not- enough-ness, and lack of trust. She understands the overwhelming sense of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that can follow us from day- to -day. She has developed powerful teachings and effective skills to help others transform their own lives.

Having gone through her own journey to inner peace, soul-courage, and self-love, Paola has persevered powerful experiences that have equipped her with the wisdom and tools necessary to deliver extremely powerful teachings in an empathetic and relatable way.

Combining methodologies from hundreds of thought leaders, influencers, and authors, including the teachings of Michael Bernard Beckwith ́s The Answer is You program, Paola has developed a vast knowledge of:

• Transformational life coaching,

• Human psychology and behavior,

• Heart-math science,

• Neuroscience and the power of the mind,

• Universal and Spiritual Principles,

• Mindfulness, and Meditation.

Paola uses her gifts to communicate, inspire, and transform people who are committed to their healing and journey towards personal development. She offers talks, workshops, online programs, and individual coaching sessions focused on helping clients awaken their minds and deepen their inner growth.


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