• Meg

I'm Rich!

I am rich!

Not in the money is actually in my pocket kind of way, mind you. But abundant nonetheless. I am a blessed and deserving person.

Things always work out for me.

The money is coming. Arrangements have been made. The money is there. I've got plenty of time. I create my own reality. I'm really quite proud of where I've come from.


I want to put it on record, that while my life looks extravagant sometimes, with all my gallivanting, dinners out, and lake and ocean-side schmoozing, I am actually working my ass off, and my bank accounts are often depleted, with no overdraft to boot. I am a hustler and entrepreneur, and also (gasp!) a recovering bulimic, functional alcoholic, drug-lover and over spender. I chose to leave my career as a highly successful (and addicted) television director 5 years ago this month, just weeks after the death of my father, and it has been an uphill battle to rebuild my shattered world ever since.

Those first few transitional years in Toronto were tough; it was pay check to pay check while attempting to enjoy my same standard of high-rise condo living and fancy meals out, while also funding my new health and wellness fields' necessary chef and yoga certifications (sans credit due to my personal bankruptcy in 2009; see more on that here). When I finally left the TV world completely, the belt had to tighten even more, but it was then that I miraculously fell into the best opportunity of my life; the chance to move to Costa Rica to do what I love and start over. The chance to truly and completely re-begin my life with a clean and crystal clear slate.

Since then, I have been dealing with leftover Canadian tax debts, issues with getting set up financially in the CR banking system, and finding my place in the wellness working world. All while paying for constant truck & ATV repairs, huge governmental & lawyer fees to get my still elusive residen