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Navigating Transition

This past October I celebrated my two-year anniversary living here in Costa Rica. What a trip it has been thus far, what with some massive career shifts, three new puppies, a marriage and six house changes! As they say, though, 'the only thing constant in life is change," and I am embracing that fact more than ever as I ride the wave of pura vida jungle living.

Along the way, I have met an abundance of wise miracle workers and inspirational individuals, and today I wish to share a guest post written by a dear healer from nearby yoga and surf town Playa Guiones. Deborah Brackman is an all encompassing powerhouse of health and knowledge, and I am so thrilled to be collaborating with her in the upcoming retreat "Lives in Transition: Turning Point" in January of 2016.

15 Tips For Handling Transitions In Our Lives by Deborah Brackman

The nature of life is change. Without exception, no one is immune to change! This is reality, yet at times we may experience change and transition as challenging crises. How might we re-frame our perspective on these times, and see them as opportunities?

Whatever our particular change may look like, whether it is a divorce, death of a spouse, lover, or loved one, loss of a job, kids leaving for college, illness, caring for aging parents, letting go of familiar routines... (fill in your own blank) we pose the following theme for exploration.

How can we find grounding, relief, support?

When the going gets rough, how can we find comfort for our frayed nerves and overloaded nervous systems?

  1. Take time for yourself to reflect and journal over your particular transition.

  2. Meditate, pray to God or the higher power of your own understanding for guidance, support and clarity.

  3. Spend time in nature allowing yourself to be recharged, connect to the earth for strength and grounding.

  4. Get the appropriate physical exercise that helps you feel nurtured and rooted in your body.

  5. Increase your self-care on all levels, try hot baths, aromatherapy, what ever you find relaxing and nourishing.

  6. Take time to prepare nurturing meals and savour them.

  7. Ask for help. Seek support from trusted friends, family or counsellors.

  8. Book a massage, healing session, or astrology reading.

  9. Be gentle and loving to yourself as you navigate this passage.

  10. Engage in your creativity, painting, writing, creating a collage to reflect your inner process.

  11. Create an altar with photographs or objects that feel sacred to you, smudge, burn incense, whatever inspires you to trust in your being held and protected through these changes.

  12. Play music that soothes, calms and inspires you.

  13. Set your own highest intention for how you wish to respond, encourage the best outcome for the passage you are in.

  14. Join a support group.

  15. Take some time for you - perhaps with a retreat in the jungles of Costa Rica!

You may also create your own way to let go and trust in this life adventure!

Simple, sage advice. But I think we could all use these reminders.

A Retreat offered by Georgia Fisher, Meghan Pearson and Deborah Brackman

January 23-30, 2016 at Nosara B&B Retreat, Playa Pelada Costa Rica

Meg will create delicious, wholesome meals and be available to share her rich journey, wisdom and experience around food and self-nourishment.

Georgia will lead us in wonderful embodied yoga sessions and Osho meditations.

Deborah will conduct the morning beach walks, Chi Gung Practice, Talking Circles, Temascal and individual Hands on Healing Sessions.

Join us to get away from the cold and transition into the New Year!

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