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Healthy Travel

I am in the midst of a 5 week tour through N. America.

And there are a few go-to tricks that I always adhere to when I travel, and I want to share them here today. As I am vegan for the most part, some of these tips may sway towards my being a plant-based diet kind of gal; but don't brush this list off even if you are omnivorous! If you can adhere to a more veg-friendly diet whilst in transit, I promise you that YOUR transit will thank you....get me? Travel constipation much?

  • Green Juice. This is the ultimate jet-lag preventative measure. I always juice 2 huge jars full; one that I will drink in the taxi en route to the airport, the other that I freeze solid, and can usually get past security in that state, to enjoy on the plane!

  • Pack plane food. Do not succumb to the $8 corn nuts and colas. You must pack a bag of light, water-rich meals for the trip. My go-tos? A huge salad topped with raw and roasted veggies, lots of fresh fruit, vegan sushi, and a whole avocado. Sometimes you have to flirt with the border guards to get the produce through, but I am prepared to stoop to that in the name of wellness. You should be too.

  • Got a stopover? Research your airports. Find out where there is WIFI, what restos offer light vegan fare, if see if there are there sleeping quarters available to grab a quick nap.

  • Hydrate. Drink your weight in water. Gulp it pre-flight, during, and post. Who cares how many times you have to ask your aisle seat neighbour to move so that you can mosy on back to the restroom? At least your skin will remain soft, and your mouth moist and happy.

  • Enlist the help of others to ease the transition once you arrive at your destination. Raw juice delivery companies like Raw Juice Guru in Toronto, and health and wellness gift basket delivery businesses like Jule's Baskets, can ease the stress of having to source your own local nutrient rich beverages and foods since they can deliver straight to your hotel! All you need to do is land, arrive, and imbibe!

So what are ya'll waiting for? Book those flights, as the longer you wait, you know the more expensive your getaway is gonna get!

Here comes the sun, much love, pura vida!

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