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What is personal branding and why you should think about harnessing the power of YOURS


The tools I've used to go from behind-the-scenes producer, to on-camera celebrity chef and expert

How to create a conscious income online that does good for you, others and the planet.

The 10 keys to creating a successful brand online, that you didn't even know you needed! 

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Meg has 19 years of multimedia and online experience. For over a decade she worked with some of Canada's largest television broadcasters, PR companies, and marketing teams. She managed two different online media companies before moving into the holistic health space. Meg had her first network marketing experience selling fitness programs and essential oils while working full time in her professional career as holistic chef and coach, with the ambition to eventually replace her income.

She saw the power of this vehicle and strategy so she made the switch to this  HIGH PROFIT - HIGH IMPACT space. It is her intention to fully match her salaried income within12 months and is on track to do so!


She is passionate about showing people how they can create the life of their dreams through aligning with their WHY and WITHOUT all the hustle or the "you must work hard to earn high" mentality. 


Meg has authentically created her empire through personal branding, automation and attracting her soul mate client.

Meg Pearson