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Your monthly members-only access path. 

Are you ready to start making space for growth and evolution in your life?

Join the tribe and connect with Meg and two other high level coaches for classes and content curated just for those ready to commit to themSelves, fully. 

The Empower Mastermind is a carefully curated, high-level program for deep thinking, heart centered women who want to surround themselves with the people, resources and inspiration they need to take their life, finances, success, peace and their joy, to the next level.

Who Are We?

The Empower Mastermind will be led by:

Meg Pearson:

Holistic and Spiritual Wellness Coach


Cara Kelley:

Vision and Clarity Coach


Kelly Murray Grys:

Performance and Optimization Coach

We intentionally and thoughtfully curated a high level experience for those of you who are ready to dig deeper, expand wider, and live more fully in your joy.

Image by Becca Tapert

Who are YOU?

  • You have begun a journey of self discovery and growth and are excited to continue your work with a supportive and empowering circle of women and coaches.

  • You are feeling weighed down with negative emotions, stuck with a lack of clarity or purpose, or unsure how to make your dreams a reality.

  • You need a space that is just for YOU; to learn, to grow, to be challenged, to be pushed and to be supported.

  • And, you are READY to do the work required to get to the next evolution of your Self.

Maybe you have already started to realize, the work is never done.

In fact, that's why we want to dive deeper and grow stronger together with you in our new and exclusive mastermind.

Meet The Team

Kelly MUrray Grys.jpeg

Kelly Murray Grys

"Kelly Murray challenged me, changed my perception of what female success looks like, and supported me through serious soul-searching work. I cannot thank her enough for the time we spent together during her 6-Week Mastermind Clinic!"

- Amanda Fernandez

Happy Kelly Coaching Client

Cara Kelley.jpeg


"Wow... If I had only a tiny clue of what was going to happen to me in this group (with Cara)!! I ended up changing really my whole life...cI'm so grateful that I made that investment in myself because I can see it already has changed my children's lives and the lives of the people around me."

- Jessica Rapoport

Happy Cara Coaching Client

Coach Meg Pearson


"Meg changed my life by showing me how to harness my past struggles and turn them into hard-won wisdom & self-love. She is a testament to how transformation is available to all of us (as are success & fulfillment) -- no matter what we've been through."

- Becky

Happy Meg Coaching Client

Just some of the themes I will cover...



Plant Medicine Teachings

Detoxing the Home



Moon Wisdom +

Our Cycle



The Power of


PLUS, here is just a taste of what topics you can expect from Kelly and Cara:

  • Money Beliefs

  • Brave Conversations

  • Reading the Room: Why it Matters

  • Creating Business & Personal Mission Statements

  • Starting your own Business 101

  • Time Optimization

  • Discipline & Deep Work Hacks

  • Public Speaking

  • Vision& Laying the Foundations

  • Finding and Fulfilling your Purpose

  • The Art of Manifestation

  • Proclaiming & Protecting your Boundaries

  • Courage & Aligned Action

  • Intuition: Our Inner Guidance System

  • Removing Fears, Limiting Beliefs and Conditioning

  • And MORE!




What You Get Each Month:

  • Monthly workshops from each of the coaches (3 total, always recorded)

  • "Office Hours" with each coach every month

  • Special Guest Speakers every month

  • Weekly check ins and support

  • At home activities and exercises to support the monthly workshops

  • Monthly open Q&A with all 3 coaches

  • Circles, ceremonies and rituals to celebrate, release or ignite

  • Worksheets and tools to support all coaching

  • A network of trusted and safe allies

  • 2 LIVE, in-person retreats in a beautiful location TBD

  • Discounted tickets and VIP seating at all future Empower events

  • and MORE!

Special rates for private 1-on-1 coaching with Meg if you wish to DEEP DIVE your metamorphosis


The chance to be a featured guest on 
"The Meg Pearson

The Meg Pearson POdcast.png

Get Started NOW!

Once you select your plan, you will be redirected to the KMLC teachable school to enroll.


12 Month Membership

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.


7 Month Membership

This is a subscription product billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. Cancel anytime from the account management page.


7 Month Paid in Full

This is payment option offers you great savings in a one-time payment.

We can not WAIT to get you started with your  METAMORPHOSIS!

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