I Beat Bankruptcy, Bulimia, 

& My Inner Bully.

Oh, the proverbial ROCK BOTTOM.

I've SO been there.

I was a teenage drunk, an emotional "cutter", on anti-depressants by 16.

I endured daily sexual harassment on my school bus for 4+ years.

I battled my abusive ex, ED (Eating Disorders anorexia and bulimia) until age 30.

I was a "successful" television director in my 20's, living the party life,

numbing myself with alcohol, drugs and sex with nameless men several nights a week.

I created so much debt with my destructive lifestyle that it led to personal bankruptcy in 2009.

The following 2 years included a failed engagement, my near-death visit to the ER due to a relapse in my bulimia, my 6 year old nephew's emergency brain tumour surgery,

and the sudden death of my father to ALS.

And yet.

I refused to quit. I decided to choose LOVE.

Love, always.

LightFULL Life

Intuitive Coaching 

I am not a victim of circumstance.

I am a courageous creator that played small

and went along with the patterns and stories told around me.  


And it did not serve.


But then I chose love.





And today I live an affluent, purposeFULL and love-filled life on my terms.

I honor and protect my temple, nourishing my body and soul 

with joyFULL food and thoughts.


And so can you.


I have learned over the years that a large part of my appeal as both chef and teacher, is my light.  And also, my resilience and resourcefulness when it came to re-creating my life from nothing. After hitting the proverbial ROCK BOTTOM, I chose not only to survive, but to thrive. And the tool I used was my intuition.


While I no longer connect with my victim-self that so long ruled my world, I can say that I defied the odds and swam the deep dark waters only to come out swinging...


Day in and day out I find myself guiding; whether via my work in the kitchen cultivating a courageous team of chefs creating love-infused food for the masses, conversations with restaurant guests about creating personal abundance and food freedom, or through private online coaching sessions

with people seeking more from life and wanting to learn from someone who has already

done the work and climbed out of the trenches.


It is high time that I use my innate power to serve.  

It is in experiencing

joy in sadness and  peace in pain, 
that we may know 
and re-connect to 

Desire more from YOUR life?  

It begins with what's on your plate.

It is my mission in life to help bring spirit back

into the decision making process surrounding food! 

The way that we EAT is a


reflection as to how we live our LIVES.

I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a traditionally trained chef.  What I am is a woman who has fought and won a long battle with my body and food.  Through intention and connection to source, I have manifested the life of my dreams here in Costa Rica where I now get to share my tools and help others heal.

Let me introduce you to the LightFULL Life Curriculum, a step-by-step strategy

for achieving freedom from the shackles of living a less than bright life.

I can show you how to truly be with yourself and love it.

Please, allow me to use my light to make yours burn brighter.

Let's set your vision and create a landing pad for the universe's gifts.


After all, miracles are natural.

Let's Connect. 




It's your CHOICE how you choose to show up (coming very soon!)


  • Original Content: A mix of online culinary classes, Intuitarian philosophy shares, energy clearings, constantly evolving custom inCANtations.

  • An ongoing LightFULL Life online subscription program for those desiring weekly & monthly Meg-spiration.

  • A 3-month LightFULL Life Abundance Academy program for those ready to step up and make real and lasting change.

  • In-person retreats and workshops in Costa Rica, Canada, the US and Europe.

  • Personal one-on-one coaching for those looking to go deep and consciously co-create the life of their dreams with help from Spirit, their soul, and a shaved-head, tattooed ass-kicker.


Please, allow me to use my light to make yours burn brighter.







  1. a by-product of LIVING ON PURPOSE.


  3. the divine ability to create anything, anytime, in alignment with Divine purpose.


If you want to know the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration"

Nikola tesla