Breakthrough Breathwork



Life long conditioning, emotional trauma, deep rooted patterns,

& repressed feelings can reside within our tissues without us even knowing it.

Is it possible to move these energies through and out?

Can we work through our past without having to intellectualize it all?



The answer is YES.

The answer lies within your 

Breakthrough Breathwork is an experience of support in finding greater clarity, presence and ease. Breathing techniques, guided contemplations, embodiment practices and bodywork serve as catalysts to release and repattern nervous system responses.


Each session is designed to support the breather to dislodge old beliefs and patterns that create limit or suffering. When experiencing freedom in the breath and body, new insights and choices can be much more easily accessed in future moments. 

During this experience, you may experience past memories, emotions, and purifications that may dislodge old habits, patterns and belief structures. It is up to you to create new actions and conscious choices as a result of what you uncover in your session. With Meg's support, you will be expertly guided towards greater freedom, clarity and strength to create new patterns and relationships in your life.


Group classes are available by request. Are you hosting a retreat in Costa Rica and would like to incorporate Breakthrough Breathwork into your curriculum? Contact me to discuss!

In Tamarindo area or Toronto?  Private one-on-one or small group sessions are always available.


"How we spend our days,

is how we spend out lives"

- Annie Dillard