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Copyright Meg Pearson, 2020



A compilation of my best raw & vegan recipes as featured in magazines, online, and my  Toronto-based cooking classes. Photos by yours truly.

MAP Wellness Morsels

A collection of the most requested recipes featured on the buffet at Roots Restaurant in Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.

All plant-based. 

Miracle Meals

A companion to Miracle Meals, this recipe book presents some of my favorite secret sauces &

sweet treat recipes also

from Roots restaurant!

Includes Meg's Miracle Sauce!

Sauces & Sweets

I see you.

Welcome. I appreciate you stopping by here, and also for being open to doing things differently.  


After having spent close to forty years trying to "fit the mold" and "tow the line", I am done. Life is so much richer when lived in absolute authenticity. Through many, many nights of dancing with my demons, and dark nights of the soul, I have gotten to intimately know who I am, where I came from, and what all this beauty and chaos is really about. 

I don't claim to know it all, but one area I am an expert in, is in being myself. Do you truly know who you are? Are you able to fiercely love you, as you , as you are now?

Because that is what it is all about, my loves.


Connection. Truth. Self-FULLY inspired living.


Even in a world where science still rules, and history tries to repeat itself, there is another way. I have seen it.  I believe it. 


I live it.

Join me won't you, for a deep dive into the pool of your presence, and what I like to call, "essence excavation". There are many ways to swim these seas with me, and I can't wait to share my upcoming book.


Until then, pease check out my personal shares via social media and here on my blog, and if you are looking for something more, reach out and we might be able to connect for some private sessions.

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Spiritual Coach               Emotional Eating Specialist              Cookbook Author     


Check out some of Meg's television appearances, and see her love of food and energy in motion!

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Meg is incredible -

a beautiful person inside

and out.

If you haven't had the opportunity to let her nourish your body and soul, make a plan to experience her today.


Her food is off the hook delicious and good for you!

Sweet Meg you are a fan favourite! Your passion and enthusiasm and love of good, healthy, food radiates through the small screen.


Thank-you for nourishing us with amazing food and raw food recipes!


You always inspire.

 Fabulous Meg.  This women speaks to you from the heart, both verbally and through her food.  She is beautiful both inside and out...her constant sharing of her wealth of food and nutrition knowledge, and her great life stories.  


      LOVE. That's Meg.          

Meg nourished our Yoga Retreat in Nosara this past February and the food was one of the main highlights of the trip!


Love and creativity was poured into every meal. We loved the food so much that we are working with her again for next year! 

~ Salina, Private Client

Brooklyn, NY

~ Amanda Huculak,

Travel Roots

~ Dina Pugliese,

TV Host, Breakfast Television

~ Marla, Private Client

ON, Canada